Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kasie at Long Beach
This session was incredibly fun. Kasie is a wonderful mom of 3 and still an athlete. She was a gymnast, a diver and after having her babies she decided to compete in triathlons. We were at Long Beach in Rockport on a gorgeous morning. The waves were crashing, the water was freezing, but that did not stop Kasie from jumping in and going for a ssssssswim. I was bundled up on the rocks to catch these shots, and she makes it look like it was a hot summer day! Awesome work Kasie, thank you for being such a trooper. I think it paid off!


Dave said...

oh. my. Lord. She is a superstar. I LOVE these. So powerful! I love the yoga pose shot, where she is sitting on the rocks, facing the water and the waves are crashing like crazy. She seems like a little island of peace.

Mary B said...

All I can say is Wow these are great