Friday, February 25, 2011

Alison Trick | Vocal Artist
Alison and I have been planning this session for months and yet with winter weather the concept for our shoot kept changing. We never actually settled on a plan except for... Alison will wear a beautiful gown, we will shoot at night, and it will be in Marblehead. So when we drove around town for inspiration we found the lights on at Flore Mantilla and I knew we had found our location. Nancy the owner of Flore Mantilla is just fabulous. She gave Alison the gorgeous rose in the portraits and told us it is called "Faith". How divine. Alison sang a few classical numbers and warmed up inside while I set up my gear. She was wonderful to work with, even out in the cold as I had her sit on freezing stone and wet benches. As I wrapped up the shoot Nancy's girls poured us glasses of wine to unwind and relax.


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Beth Ann | Winter
We always have a fantastic time when we photograph Beth Ann. She is photogenic, extremely adventurous and loves the whole process. But when we planned this session I was not expecting her to do snow angels in her gown! I'm so glad she did. Enjoy!