Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodbye Old Blog

Goodbye Old Blog
We have been blogging here since 2006. Can you believe it has been 6 years? We are moving on to our new blog site. Please update your blog reader notifications and all that. We would be sad if you didn't move with us. We are grateful for your love and encouragement over the years!
The new blog can be found at 
See you there!
The Sherrells

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Maggie | Living With Hemifacial Microsomia
Maggie is one of the happiest people I know. When I met her she had just started dating my brother Shane and was welcomed with excitement into the family. It is just impossible not to like her. I was shocked when I learned that her surgeries were not complete and that she would need to endure them most challenging surgery of all. Weeks after and almost fully recovered, but still not able to speak she decided to let me take the first photographs of her. I felt honored and I am excited to share her story with you.

From Maggie
I was born on August 9, 1989 with a disorder called Hemifacial Microsomia. I was also born without a left ear. Hemifacial Microsomia is a condition in which the lower half of one side of the face is underdeveloped and does not grow normally.The syndrome varies in severity, but always includes the maldevelopment of the ear and the mandible. I have undergone over a dozen surgeries since birth. What I was born with is not genetic and from the moment I was born my parents starting searching for the best doctors for me. We ended up at NYU medical center and have been there ever since.My team of doctors is lead by Dr. McCarthy; the team has been with me since day one. Dr. McCarthy performed every surgery on my jaw including my most recent surgery . Along with Dr. McCarthy I have some of the most incredible doctors work on me. What that have done for me is truly incredible.I had my ear reconstructed using rib cartilage by another great doctor; Dr. Thorn. I was unable to gain hearing in my left side from the ear canal but the ear itself is magnificant. Also I have had a fat implant by another doctor in my left cheek, due to the jaw disposition the cheek on the same side as the jaw (left side) is underdeveloped compared to the right side. There have been other minor surgeries and years of orthodontia but it has always been worth it.

When I was younger I didn't understand that I was different; or for that matter that anything was wrong with me. I can remember kids asking me questions about what was wrong with me and me dishing out elaborate stories that I made up in my head about what caused me to be 'different'. I soon began to understand that I was different for a reason and that nothing was really wrong with me; there was a purpose for me being born with this disorder. Children and adults for that matter can stare and say things about me all they want but I realized a long time ago that none of that mattered to me and I will not let it effect me. I enjoy telling people about what I have been through and educating them on my disorder, especially because no one really knows and understands any of it at first.

My most recent surgery was one of the biggest surgeries I have undergone. It was in simple terms a double jaw distraction involving moving the chin and implanting fat in my cheeks as well. I have had jaw distractions before but only on the left side ( that is my affected side) and with a device that your turned over the course of three months to straighten the jaw out. This surgery involved breaking both sides of my jaw and re-attaching the jaws in the proper place with a newly positioned more prominent chin. Once again the surgery was done by the same team of doctors and orthodontist. This surgery involved wiring my mouth shut during surgery, using plates attached to my braces which is something I have never had done before. The doctors used my ribs as bone in my chin and along my jaw line. Due to the massive amount of things done in this surgery the recovery is very long. However, I am now three months post-op and things are going great. While healing from surgery has been extremely difficult at times; and I had to learn how to do simple tasks like drinking and eating all over again everything gets easier each day. The entire recovery process will take about a year, and in a few months I will be having another surgery on my nose but I couldn't be more ecstatic about the outcome so far. To see the differences from the surgery date till now is truly amazing! Even though it has not always been easy I wouldn't change any of it; my life has been nothing but normal but I couldn't picture it any other way.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Two Bright Lights Editor's Choice Award
What fun! We like being chosen. Who doesn't?
Editors Choice Award
Marysa's Bat Mitzvah | Part II
What young lady would not want to celebrate her achievements as a Bat Mitzvah in this style? The New England Aquarium was transformed into a rocking dance party. Even the penguins were into it!
Congratulations Judy and Darren on your young ladies Bat Mitzvah. Congratulations Marysa on being such a star!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Marysa's Bat Mitzvah | Part I
When Marysa's mom Judy called to hire me to photograph her daughter's Bat Mitzvah I was thrilled. We photographed her and her little sisters as flower girls at Tara and Jason's wedding in 2005. What an awesome thing it is to be able to photograph this huge milestone in this young ladies life! Watching her parents eyes as she sang in Hebrew with her beautiful voice was precious. I loved our pre ceremony portraits at Temple Aliyah in Needham. Such a beautiful family. Stay tuned for images from the Bat Mitzvah at the New England Aquarium coming up soon!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hayley at Her Farm
We had the amazing experience of spending a weekend at Ketcham Farm in New Jersey's Allentown. Larry and I love doing fresh and exciting work and we both loved having the horses all around us! What a beautiful and different life it is to live on a horse farm. Hayley is living her dreams there with her family.
Next up is their baby girls session so come back soon!
Tabitha + Larry

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family Reunions | The Regan Family
Happy New Year! I am finally done with eating, parties and lounging, and it's actually really nice to be at my desk.
During our holiday I took a couple of opportunities to photograph family reunions. What a great time to have a family portrait session, when everyone you love has flown home. Karen and Michael were blessed with all three of their grandsons to entertain. I loved that we had a gorgeous December day to shoot in the court yard of the Boston Public Library. What a treat!