Sunday, November 08, 2009

Anita and Bill - adorable
I've been waiting for Anita and Bill to get engaged for a long time now. They have been guests at a number of weddings that we photographed, and Anita always said that one day we would shoot her wedding. Hooray! It came true, and there is so much more. Anita now owns Viva Amore an Eco Chic bridal boutique in Watertown. We are going to put a collection of images together for her to show there. So fun! Anita and Bill are really fun to photograph. The whole time they are adorable for the camera and they're talking like they don't know what they're doing... but they do! And they are just trying to trick me. I mean look at that perfect dip! So here they are and finally this May their big day will come. Larry and I are so excited to be there.


Larry Sherrell said...

Can't wait till May Anita. Congratulations!

kristi said...

that one of them on the rocks is just awesome.