Monday, November 02, 2009

Anna, Billy and little Vincenzo
After Anna and Billy's wedding I spoke with Billy's mom a few times for ordering and she always made me laugh. I told her that I was dying to photograph their little one when he was born and she said... "Oh you are one of those people... once you are in someones life you stay there. I am the same way. We've had the same friends all over the world forever." (emphasis on "ever")... And I thought well yes I guess I am one of those people. When we photograph a wedding we hope we can stay for the rest of the ride. Life photographers forever!
Congratulations Anna and Billy! Vinny is a sweetheart. Enjoy these days and this sneak preview.

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Dave said...

Tabitha, you are a cutie pie. And I LOVE Vinny's sweater. I want matching ones for my boys!