Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome baby Lydian
Today our friends Kellie and Jeff welcomed their new baby girl into the world. And I was there! It was so incredible and now I am honored to present- Lydian. How adorable!
xo Tabitha

Prenatal Au Natural
This family has been photographed by us more than any other. So when I asked Dawn and Daniel if I could come over at 8:00 AM for their prenatal session, and if they could sport their bed head, not change out of their jammies, and make sure their home looked like home and not a photo set... they were happy to oblige. While we were away on our little photo retreat baby number 3 came along. A beautiful baby girl. Welcome little Rose. You are from heaven!
xoxo Tabitha

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Clicked 2010
This year's We Click getaway was especially fun for us. We were there for the entire four day adventure thanks to our wonderful parents who stayed with our children. For free! Sweet, we know.
When friends ask us how it went, we say it was awesome! We slept in and were able to hang out with adults and talk to people who really get what we do. But the real fun is when we break out our cameras and venture into the woods, when we stumble upon piles of rusty old junk where we listened to some mad percussion skills, and when we hit the quiet town of Bethel ME each holding a camera and causing quite a stir for all of the townies. Photographers always joke about needing to be on the back side of the camera, but as you will see they really know how to work it. We are so excited to share these images of our old and new friends.
Enna and Matt... we love you! Thank you for making We Click happen. Thank you to the fabulous couples who played a part in this year's fun... Grazier Photography, Studio Foto, Sanderson Images, Emily Sommer and J. Sandifer, David Wittig and Nancy Beale, Daria and Andy Bishop, and Lauren and Peter Monin. We admire you all and we we are so happy to have had this time with you. We wish you all peace and joy in your work and your marriages.
Big love,
Tabitha & Larry

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boston Consignment
I had the pleasure of photographing RĂ©al and Sheila Roy and Stacey Roy Lai at their beautiful shop in Needham last week. Their selection of home furnishings is fabulous. I found a vintage dining set for our kitchen that I will be sure to photograph when it arrives tomorrow! I hope you enjoy this little taste of Boston Consignment, and pay them a visit. You won't be sorry!