Saturday, November 14, 2009

Erin and Matt
I met up with Matt and Erin at their alma mater, Merrimack College and we spent some time perusing the beautiful campus and capturing some great images. We then went to the nearby Ward Reservation and hiked up to the solstice stones to get a fantastic view of Boston and the north shore, and of course more photographs. I am looking forward to the wedding of this lovely couple in 2010. -Larry


Tabitha and Larry said...

Nice work hubby! I love them all, the 1st and the 6th are my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Oh I really want to see the pics of Boston! It's the best city on earth.


Pres of the Sherrell Photography fanclub said...

The 2nd is my fav! That guy looks a little like Matthew Mcconaughey.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what good looking kids! I wonder who the parents are