Friday, January 30, 2009

Let her eat cake!
Sugary, colorful (not too colorful), delicious. You would think Vera June would be dying to dig in. Well I started to really worry... Did I ruin her 1st birthday cake experience by not letting her have anything sweet? Not totally true, those organic Yo Babies are pretty scrumptious. Well we were all shocked at how disgusted she was. Then Larry realized she probably wanted a fork. And she was so pleased. She finally dove into her 1st birthday cake... with manners!
It was Annelise's birthday last week too, so we celebrated with both of our girls. Eldon was so psyched about his very own lion cupcake. We hope you enjoy these, and try not to get too hungry!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!
Amazingly it has already been an entire years since Vera June was born. I must confess it has been one of the best years of my life. She is such a cutie. I am so thankful there will be many more to come... -Daddy

Today was truly special. Vera June, Eldon and I started it off by going to Music Together. Well it really started after we made it out of our very icy driveway. 20 minutes of spinning tires and adding layers and layers of rock salt. Larry had put down quite a bit for us, but the ice was thick this morning. There was a victorious vibe going on in the car when we cruised out of there. Eldon gave me a high five. After E went to school Vera June and I went to pick up her birthday cake at Cakes for Occasions. A yummy chocolate cake with butter cream and pretty girlie cake decor. When we left we couldn't help but notice the tutus in the window of Chocolate Kisses a children boutique. I need to tell you that V has gotten the hang of dressing herself up by emptying the laundry basket and draping herself while we say complimentary things like "those undies look so beautiful on your head". I was compelled to let her express herself for her 1st birthday photo session with this tutu and pearls. I promise I am not pushing the fashionista in her. It is so real! We had a fun birthday party with family afterward. She received some more really cute clothes... Oilily, Tea, and of course some of the must haves from Target too. Cake time was hysterical. I will get back with a brief little word about that and a few pictures too. It is a fun day for baby but a very emotional day for mommy. Where did this year go? I'm glad my family kept me laughing, and of course the cake helped too. -momma

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Amanda and Brad
Larry had an exciting engagement shoot with these two on the most windy day in Boston's history (o.k. maybe not in history, but it was crazy out there). He is going to fill you in a little later today, but I loved these shots, and had to post them for him. I remembered Amanda and Brad as soon as I saw the images. They were at Mike and Lisa's wedding that we photographed in October 2007. Tomorrow I am going to take pictures of Mike, Lisa and their new baby boy. So exciting. This is why I love our job so much!