Friday, November 20, 2009

David and Kristine - Married!
Spending the day photographing their wedding was so special for Larry and me. We knew David and Kristy were people with huge hearts, but as the day unfolded we were reminded over and over by there sweetness for one another and the love and kindness from their families. The snow surprised us all, and it was beautiful against the bright foliage.
David and Kristy, thank you for the post card from Prague. It is indeed a city we need to photograph one day! Welcome home and get ready to relive the day.


Dave said...

guys...I'm totally feeling like the stalker comment dork...but I have to get on say:

1) this is JUST GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the guy peeking during the prayer in the first photo. And I LOVE the snow and the leaves. What a GREAT day for a wedding.

2) I am COMPLETELY jealous that the photo of the couple standing all gloriously in front of the church with the snow and the leaves and the pretty outfits is NOT me and Dave. Can you photoshop something like that for us? ;)

3) Please start posting some boring photos so I can stop leaving comments already. Thanks.

Tabitha and Larry said...

Robyn- you are the best stalker of our blog ever... We are so thankful for your blog love!