Thursday, September 10, 2009

When Olivia pulled out her clothing selections I knew exactly which spots at Lynch Park we needed to head to. The garden worked perfectly for her "Pride and Prejudice" jacket. I totally connected with Olivia too, and as I was editing her images I realized it's because she totally reminds me of me in my Senior year. I know the blond and blue eyes, you are thinking... what? But it's more about her personality and interests. I hope I was as easy for my mom to photograph too. We had a total blast!
Joanna and Olivia - thank you so much for making the trip up from the Cape. You are awesome! The rest of the pictures will be ready soon. Enjoy this sneak peak!


Dave said...

I looked at photo number one and though, "she's gorgeous!" and then photos 3 and 4 and thought, "no, she's cute" and then that last photo had me at gorgeous again. Love this shoot!

Sherrell Photography said...

I totally agree. It is a good thing to be cute and gorgeous. LUCKY!