Friday, September 11, 2009

Chris and Sarah
A few weeks ago we attended my cousin Chris and his beautiful bride Sarah's wedding at Mt. Washington Resort. I loved shooting from this new angle- the aisle. The perspective was refreshing.
It was a reunion for the Robinsons. I got to see family from all over and hang out with both of my brothers and their girlfriends. Larry and I were thrilled to be able to enjoy the misty mountainside without children. Taking in the views and having conversations, and oh... the dancing. It was amazingly FUN! Congratulations Chris and Sarah, and many many happy years!
Tabitha & Larry

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kristi said...

omg you are so cute. seriously. i know i should be commenting on all these fab pictures, and they are great. but YOU are so cute! (and i'm talking about tabitha, although larry isn't so bad either...)