Tuesday, September 29, 2009

David and Kristy
This couple was so great to work with. They are so genuinely in love. For instance take a look at the first image in this post. Upon first glance one might think... "oh cute necklace". The story behind the necklace and the process in the making of it make it priceless.

You see, David hand crafted this necklace using a modified Morse code technique, embedding in each strand and every bead, a message for the love of his live to remember and reflect upon every time she puts it on. I will not reveal what it says, but if you know Morse code you can figure out the meaning.
I so look forward to spending time with them on their wedding day. See you both soon. -Larry

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daria bishop said...

what a fun story with the necklace...that's amazing!
these are wonderful!!