Thursday, March 06, 2008

Photographers Getaway
Larry and I are having a blast in NH with photographer friends; Grazier Photography, Bello Photography, Sanderson Images, and Justin and Mary Marantz. Its so great to get away and be able to talk endlessly about photography without anyone getting bored! Already looking forward to next years getaway.


Krista Photography said...

OMG! The shot of Matt in the hallway with the boys is PRICELESS!!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful time up there!

bello photography said...

Hi guys,

As always, its good to spend time with the two of you. This week was no exception.

I have to agree, the shot of Matt and the boys is a keeper.

see you soon

Andy & Christine

Josh Hudson said...
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Josh Hudson said...

That looks like it was a blast!!! Its always good to just let loose and breathe before the season starts. The images are fantastic.....

Anonymous said...

Hey guys.. we miss you already. Lets not wait to long before we hang out again.