Friday, March 21, 2008

Vera June's 1st June Jacobsen Portrait Session
Eldon, Vera June, and I took a trip all by ourselves to Long Island. The ferry was a little tricky, but worth the non-driving time. It was all worth it to get VJ in mom's studio for her 7 week portrait session. Here are some of the beautiful images.


Sarah said...

Just gorgeous!

Karl said...

You look absolutely stunning! What gorgeous pics! Your babies couldn't be any cuter! I am so excited to see you in May (Karl told me...he could never keep a secret). I am so happy for you and Larry.
Steph Simon (Haag)

marika said...

hey tabitha! vera june is beautiful. i just discovered while walking yesterday that we live around the corner from you guys. i'd love to see you and your kids sometime if you're around! congrats again on your daughter. -marika