Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ruth Anne Claire

Our good friends Daniel and Dawn are proud new parents. I had the privilege of meeting "Ruthie" on her birthday, February 26, 2008. Praise God for a safe and wonderfully smooth birth. Raina and Amanda from the North Shore Birth Center were their midwives, they were amazing, and Dawn was incredible. Dr. Ting was there when we visited; all the babies love him. Vera June was so excited to meet her new friend. You can see they are ready to hang. Henry is a proud big brother. He was beaming with smiles at the hospital. I am so happy for you guys!


Tabitha & Larry said...

Wow. You guys did a wonderful job at producing a beautiful baby. Keep up the good work ;) Larry

Erica L. Pelaccia said...

How did you do that? Doesn't even look like they are at a hospital- nice work! My favorite: # 4 and #7.

Arian said...

Hey! I've heard great things about you too from the Maeve/Tom clan. Hope to meet you soon! I love LOVE your photography. I do NOT know where you photographers find these "magical" cameras that make every person and occasion look beautiful and happy. Amazing.
Congrats on Vera too! She's beautiful.