Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Our little girl has already been to 4 parties, and last night went to her first Photography PUG meeting. She will most definitely be a photographer. Its a lot safer on our side of the lens. So we are hopeful. But anyway here are some pictures of Vera June with her eyes open! She is a sleepy little one, but when my mom was here she got some great shots. We are excited to get her down to NY for a studio June Jacobsen portrait session. The first shot is of Vera June and I after our first shopping trip together. Hip Baby Gear in Marblehead is so fun.
Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!


Sarah said...

She is gorgeous. Can't wait to meet her.

J Sandifer said... guys are so blessed! And she's a partier :)

The Murphy's said...

What a difference a few weeks makes! Little Vera June with her eyes open- too sweet! :)

kris said...

congrats! she is so sweet!