Friday, January 27, 2012

Hayley at Her Farm
We had the amazing experience of spending a weekend at Ketcham Farm in New Jersey's Allentown. Larry and I love doing fresh and exciting work and we both loved having the horses all around us! What a beautiful and different life it is to live on a horse farm. Hayley is living her dreams there with her family.
Next up is their baby girls session so come back soon!
Tabitha + Larry


Robyn said...

Do you guys have a fishbowl lens? or fish eye? or fish something? What's it called? That shot with the three horses and one horse in the front? It looks like a fish effect. :) (like how I am inventing the terms as I go?) SUCH a cool shot!

Tabitha and Larry said...

Larry used our 16mm for the horses in the field shot. I love your word inventions! Keep them coming!!