Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family Reunions | The Regan Family
Happy New Year! I am finally done with eating, parties and lounging, and it's actually really nice to be at my desk.
During our holiday I took a couple of opportunities to photograph family reunions. What a great time to have a family portrait session, when everyone you love has flown home. Karen and Michael were blessed with all three of their grandsons to entertain. I loved that we had a gorgeous December day to shoot in the court yard of the Boston Public Library. What a treat!


Robyn said...

Horray! A post! I was resigned to think we wouldn't hear from you around these parts until Spring time! SOOO glad when I'm wrong! :)

What a gorgeous family!

That last shot is PERFECT!!! LOVE that the little guy is on the table. SO cute! And what a good idea to shoot at the library!

Sherrell Photography said...

Hey Robyn! Thanks!! and you know I need to post so that I can get some of my favorite blog stalkers love:)