Friday, September 16, 2011

Nancy and Brian | August 14, 2011
This year has been a very emotional one for Nancy and Brian. Their wedding day was equally full of emotion and love for each other and love from their family and friends. Larry and I felt privileged to be there to capture the day. The part I loved most was being able to see the relationship between them and their parents. I know it was one of the happiest days for them and that they couldn't be more pleased for their children. Gosh I could cry just typing that.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peak, and we want to congratulate the newly weds and welcome them back from their honeymoon in Italy! I am so jealous!!

Big love,
The Sherrells

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Robyn said...

Something about this couple...they just seems so real and lovely and honest to me. She is soooo beautiful and he is such a cutie pie! I love it! His gloves are so cool.

GREAT shots. Love the ones with her dad and love the ones of the close-ups of their faces.