Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rice Family | Coney Island
The entire time I edited these images I was thinking about all the cool things I could share with you about this family. Now I sit here tongue tied. And because Robyn is much better with words, I want to share her blog with you. Made in Brooklyn. It is full of delightful stories, cookie recipes and brilliant scrap booking pages. Is that even possible? Well... yes.
So a little about this shoot. I have never laughed more, ran more, or had more fun on a photo shoot. It might not be what every family is looking for in their family photo session, and it might not even be what the Rice family was dreaming of, but they are so good at keeping it light and humorous and letting it roll the way it does. I really like that about them.
Holla to our pals Betsy and Paul who assisted us on this adventure. We love you guys.
Robyn and Dave, I can not wait for our next session. I promise not to forget the whistle! We love you too.


Dave said...

oh man oh man oh man!!!

Guys...these are amazing! I am soooo excited. Last night when I saw them, I screamed, jumped on the couch, and sent out links to friends and family.

So many sweet, sweet, funny little moments. I totally love it.

That shot of Andrew giving you cotton candy! With the clouds all swirly! It's so beautiful...and so totally sweet! My sweet Andrew.... ;)

And Isaac crying!!! Poor Isaac...but that is HILARIOUS! I LOVE his crying face! It totally melts my heart. Sweet, sweet boy.

And Andrew poking his head from behind Dave and I smooching! CRACKS me up! That is so totally us! I mean...not that Dave and I go around smooching under piers a lot...but that there is constantly silly whatnot going on. CONSTANTLY!

LARRY!!! That black and white one!?!? With Dave looking all Charlie Chaplin on the boardwalk?? It's incredible! I can't believe I have such an arty shot of *my* family....looking so MY FAMILY! ;)

GUYS!!! Thank you! I'm all sunshiny and giddy. I totally love it.

Robyn said...

ug! That was not Dave! That was me!!! Stink.

Robyn said...

So funny though to read that comment thinking of Dave screaming and jumping on the couch. ;)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I LOVED looking at these photos! I've been following Robyn's blog for a couple of years now, so seeing these sweet photos is like looking at my sister and her family. They are amazing!

PS: When I started reading "Dave's" comment I thought - "Wow, he writes just like Robyn!" LOL

Tabitha and Larry said...

Deb, I feel the same way when I look at this family. I am getting teary eyed... I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos!

Robyn, you made my day. And thinking that Dave was writing even for a the first line was pretty hilarious.
I'm SO GLAD you are happy with them. And yes Larry's silhouette is rockin'.