Monday, June 27, 2011

Caitlin and Kyle | NYC and Brooklyn
This September Cailtin and Kyle will be married. Their story is simple and lovely their personalities are modest and yet they are the MOST EXCITING AND FUN PEOPLE TO PHOTOGRAPH!...
OK so I freaked a little bit there. Our friends and clients Robyn and Dave introduced us. You can see their family on the previous blog post and they are equally inspirational to shoot. Which is great because the little boys will be in Caitlin and Kyle's wedding party. How fun!
The settings for our shoot were Caitlin's Murals in downtown Manhattan, Ft. Green Park where they were engaged, and we wrapped it up at Cailtin's studio. Her work is amazing, check it out here at Cailin Hurd.
Again I want to thank our dear friends Betsy and Paul for joining us on these shoots. You were a huge help and it was a fun adventure to have you along.


Robyn said...

Hey guys! It's me again! ;)

I've been almost as excited to see Caitlin and Kyle's shots as I've been to see my family's. These are SO great! Caitlin is SOOO pretty!

I LOVE the one with Kyle in the harness. It's hilarious to me! He looks so surprised.

And the cow ones are so great. So urban and edgy.

Beautiful job!

Liz said...

These are soooooooo great. I love the harness pic!!!! So great. The Save the Date, brilliant.

Love Liz

Larry Sherrell said...

Thanks Robyn! Caitlin is so pretty and they were both so good at being photographed. I think the harness made the day:)

Thank you Liz! I'm so glad you enjoyed them:) p.s. the Save the Date was already engraved with Caitlin and Kyle's wedding date. Just waiting there for us. Can you believe it!? We couldn't.

Larry Sherrell said...

BTW this was Tabitha's comment. Too funny after Robyn's comments under Dave's account:)

Caitlin and Kyle's Wedding said...

Thank you guys so much. We had a blast! It's taken me a whole day to soak all these photos in. I'm not used to being on this side of the picture plane. The photos are great!

Thank you!

Sherrell Photography said...

Caitlin I'm thrilled that you like them! We had a blast too:)