Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kim and Chris | Married
This was a special wedding day for me to photograph. I've know Kim and her family since we were all little kids. Now she is grown up and living in Australia where she met her love. They took the long journey to Long Island, NY along with many of Chris's friends and family to celebrate their wedding day at the Jamesport Meeting House and Bedell Cellars. The moment that made me crumble was when Kim's brother's all traded spaces and walked her down the aisle to meet Chris. I think it touched Kim more than she ever imagined it would. They all miss one another tremendously. They all completely understand at the same time. It was a beautiful day.


Larry Sherrell said...

Tabitha, I am starting to think that your better than me ;-) Very very nice!

Dave said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful

Tabitha and Larry said...

Larry- As my mother always says... practice makes perfect! But you are still better than me:)

Robyn- you are beautiful! I've been thinking we need to take another trip to Brooklyn to see you and your family again:)

Kimberly Dewar said...

Wonderful photos Tabitha. In just a few photos you managed to capture the emotions of the day! Thank you!!
Kim and Chris

Tabitha and Larry said...

Kim and Chris, what you managed to plan for your wedding day from across the seas is unbelievable. I loved photographing the details and most of all the love.

Dave said...

awww shucks! I'd LOVE it, Tabitha!

Conny said...

I love these photos. So full of emotions. Beautiful!