Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Clicked 2010
This year's We Click getaway was especially fun for us. We were there for the entire four day adventure thanks to our wonderful parents who stayed with our children. For free! Sweet, we know.
When friends ask us how it went, we say it was awesome! We slept in and were able to hang out with adults and talk to people who really get what we do. But the real fun is when we break out our cameras and venture into the woods, when we stumble upon piles of rusty old junk where we listened to some mad percussion skills, and when we hit the quiet town of Bethel ME each holding a camera and causing quite a stir for all of the townies. Photographers always joke about needing to be on the back side of the camera, but as you will see they really know how to work it. We are so excited to share these images of our old and new friends.
Enna and Matt... we love you! Thank you for making We Click happen. Thank you to the fabulous couples who played a part in this year's fun... Grazier Photography, Studio Foto, Sanderson Images, Emily Sommer and J. Sandifer, David Wittig and Nancy Beale, Daria and Andy Bishop, and Lauren and Peter Monin. We admire you all and we we are so happy to have had this time with you. We wish you all peace and joy in your work and your marriages.
Big love,
Tabitha & Larry


Larry Sherrell said...

Hot Taco.

Krista Photography said...

Great shots! looks like an awesome time, as always! I am, of course, jealous as always ;) Glad you all had such a great time though!

Grazier Photography said...

hot taco for sure. We look so cool!!!

daria + andy bishop said...

Oh man....we missed out BIG TIME on the couple portrait day. So fun!
I love this post...such wonderful memories of the special time we had with all of you!!
We adore you Sherrells!

Larry Sherrell said...

No but seriously.. Andy looks like he has two stumps. Oh brother.

emilie said...

So bummed we left early! Enjoyed spending such quality uninterrupted time with you all! xox

Tabitha and Larry said...

Daria - I know! It broke my heart that you weren't there for the shoot. Same for Emily and J. Oh bugger... we will just have to get together for a special shoot up in Burlington. I know I say this often... but it is so going to happen!
xo tabitha

mrs. stumpy said...

i think we should nickname him mr. stumpy. ;-)
but seriously, i wish i could eat that pie right now!!

Lauren & Peter said...

Love these! We had such an amazing time with you all - and I love reliving it all by looking at your pics! The shot of Larry at the antique store... wow.

Krystal said...

Tabitha + Larry,

We love you guys and had such an fantastic time spending some quality time together. We HAVE to have you guys over soon.

We miss you already,
Love, Krystal + Paul

P.S. Thank you for the beautiful images you captured everyone's beauty, inside & out.

Anna Yu said...

OMG, these images are so cool! Enna and Matt look incredibly HOT! Glad you all had such a wonderful time!