Thursday, August 13, 2009

Phifer Clan
My family and I recently went back to my home town to visit my folks. Our trip was fortunate enough to coincide with a close friends family visit. We decided to get his families together and do some portraits. It was great to see the Phifer Clan once again. Thanks you guys, I had a super fun time. And yes, I agree we can call summer 09' "Corvette Summer". Hope to see you all again real soon. -Larry


Larry Sherrell said...

Anyone ever been to Tipton? If you have let me know how it made you feel to be there. If you haven't put it on your bucket list.

bello photography said...

Lovely shots guys!!! Great backdrops, expressions! Lovely!!! Looks like you had a nice visit with family! :) Chris xo

Tabitha and Larry said...

Larry gets all of the credit for this one! I love these people and the images. Great shoot all around.