Thursday, March 05, 2009

We Click
This week is the Grazier Photography We Click Retreat in VT. We were happy to be able to join the gang for one day and very sad to leave. This year we chickened out at the thought of leaving our 2 little ones behind for 4 days. Next year we are SO there. I can' say enough about all of these wonderful couple photographers, and instead of trying to put my thoughts together in my own words I will quote the "We Click" mug that Enna and Matt designed for the gang...
"we shoot we edit we rock we photoshop we design we travel we love we talk we &#^$! we twitter we ski we eat we sleep we dream we blog we pose we teach we move we share we shake we dance we read we write we light we dodge we burn we rest we snowshoe we sauna we cook we drink we share we focus we learn we laugh we cry we create".
Thank you to Grazier Photography, Bello Photography, Sanderson Images, Justin Marantz Photography, Laura Eaton Photography, and Studio Foto. We love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Great shots:) Loved having you here, even if only for the day:)

Much Love
~Matt & Enna

bello photography said...

Hi guys,

Great catching up with you two again. Wish you'd been there the whole time!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say "ditto" to what Andy, Matt & Enna said! You guys rock! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome photos!!!

Christine xo