Monday, March 30, 2009

Nordisk Tidende

Many of you know that my mom is an amazing photographer. She also loves to travel. Her favorite destination in the world being her parents homeland Norway. Mom had an out of this world trip to Lofoten Islands last summer and was compelled to right an article about her journey. The Norway Times or Nordisk Tidende printed her article! Here is an excerpt from the article which mentions my favorite image from her trip, but to be honest who could really choose? So enjoy, and look out travel writers... here comes June Jacobsen!
"We saw many minke whales and were happy with that when a large humpback whale breached not too far from our raft. Caught totally off guard, I don’t believe anyone captured the sight. I kept my Canon 5D glued to my eye and a short while later got a few super shots of the whale breaching a second and last time. Amazingly, our guide told us that this was the first time she had ever seen a humpback whale in this fjord. So sometimes having every detail planned ahead might just not be the ticket. A visit to the little wildlife exhibit was “Free”. We paid for our excursion and it was worth every krone."

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