Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We just returned from a fun trip to Austin TX. We went out there to see our good friends Lily, Andy, and Tobias. Their new home is incredible and it was well worth the four hour flight with children to enjoy their company, refreshing pool, and we can't forget a few hours of "Rock Band" LOL. Enjoy the pictures! ;)tabitha

The Kretzschmars

Andy and Lily

Tia and Roland

Tab and Lil

You know these guys

Andy before shave

Fun with Tobias in his rad pool

Vera June

Pool decor


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
Thanks again so much for making the trip all this way just to see us! The photos are gorgeous, as usual. Remembering the moment you took that B&W with Eldon in it made me laugh all over again. What a great memory! The portraits you took of all of us came out fabulous. I can't wait to have them hanging on my wall.
Now if you could only make me look that good in real life... ;)


Grazier Photography said...

those Sherrell kids are getting so big!!! We miss you guys... you were noticeably absent from the photo cruise last week. But more than photographer time we'd love to have some family fun time with you guys before summer passes us by... miss you mucho! enna