Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stokely's - Family Style
I think you will be able to tell from these images how much fun I had with the Stokely Family last night. We played a fun game with the weather and our rescheduling for last night paid off.
Thank you guys for being totally into it. I can't wait to share the rest of the pictures with you!


Erica L. Pelaccia said...

These are lovely T!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tabitha, I know that I don't know this family, but I love the way their pictures came out...great location and lighting. What beach is this? Justin and I are still hoping to catch up with you guys. We would love to have you guys do some pics for us and it would be fun to catch up and meet Vera June in person!

~Shannon& Justin Power

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful! These picture make you feel as though you know the family, and if you don't-you want to! :)

Such fun, amazing shots, thanks for sharing!

Team Yu Photography said...

Love the happiness you captured in these. Great work