Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Larry. This is my brother Mark, and this is my other brother Mark....

A friend of mine, Mark took Mark and I (yes both of their names are Mark) out in the Marblehead harbor to check on his lobster traps to see if he had any tasty treats in them. It was a really sweet time. Even though the four lobsters that were caught were either too small or pregnant (can't keep expecting lobsters) it still was a great time. Check out the video below!

music by Joe Purdy


Anonymous said...

This video made Jessie and Bob HOMESICK!!!

Tabitha & Larry said...

You guys! It is great to hear from you!! I was just asking if Mark has heard how you are out there. So how is everyone? Stay in touch!
tab, larry & el

Anonymous said...

I loved it, thanks for sharing it!

Hey, Lar- Mark y Mark... I guess that makes you the Funky Bunch. Ha Ha. Sorry, I just coudn't resist.

I will dream of the Atlantic tonight!
Sending love from Tejas

Tabitha & Larry said...

hmmm... who do I know who lives in Texas. JK! Miss you Lily!!