Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brian and Susan had a glorious wedding day last Saturday. I had so much fun one, because it was beautiful and two it was a mini college reunion for me! I got to see lots of old friends and meet some of their families too. I brought our good friend (and babysitter) along with me. Kirsten is an art major at Gordon College. I handed her a camera and was just amazed at how good her shots were. It is always tricky picking up a new camera no matter how much shooting you do. So the first two images are hers, and I just love them!
Enjoy :)


Kirsten said...


Thanks for posting my shots, you're awesome! What a fun day we had. I absolutely loved every moment!

See you guys tomorrow :)

J said...

Great Images! The blog is looking terrific! Tagging you tonight in the blog tagging game :)

LisaTab said...

Wow, these are really awesome Tabitha. Mike and I are so excited for you to photograph our upcoming wedding in October, your work is extraordinary!!! See you soon!