Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Erin and Michael | Married!
What did we love about this day? For starters, Erin's dress was so beautiful on her! I loved the sash that she designed herself. Loved the flowers, they were elegant and woodsy at the same time. We loved the birch centerpieces and the rustic elements. Loved the way Erin and Michael smiled at each other. Loved how choked up Erin got right before the ceremony, and that her bro gave her a quick pep talk before she went down the aisle. But most of all I think my favorite part was the silly factor, the kazoos and the funny faces. There is no denying it was a very fun wedding.
Thank you to the Williamson and the Tartaglia Families for making the day so special and for having us there to capture it!
Tabitha + Larry

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Robyn said...

oh man!!! great wedding! Grandma with the kazoo?!? that was just too much! The silly factor was out of control! Love that!

Love it when people are their funky selves for formal, special occasions. So, so cool!