Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Caitlin and Kyle | Backyard Wedding
Sometimes we photograph a wedding that makes me want to get married all over again. I would love to throw a party like this one. The details were romantic and earthy. Their bridal party made me laugh all day. After all, two of the members are actually professional clowns! The toasts could not have been funnier, and I just love these people. That makes the day more than the gorgeous blooms and the adorable details.

Warmest congratulations to you Kyle and Caitlin. It has been a fun journey being a part of your wedding preparations and day!
Tabitha + Larry


Robyn said...


Robyn said...

It's sort of ridiculous how much I've been looking forward to seeing these! You'd think it was MY wedding from how excited I was! :)

LOVE it!

That bridal party is stinkin' hilarious. That jumping shot is SO funny! Oh man. SO funny.

And Caitlin is GORGEOUS. Just sayin'. She's SUCH a pretty bride.

Caitlin and Kyle's Wedding said...

I love it! thank you guys so much. You were great!

Donna said...

I'm totally amazed at these pictures - what a fantastic job capturing the day! Thanks so much.