Monday, August 01, 2011

The Portnoy Family | Traditions
Our main objective for this family session was to replicate a portrait that is now a family tradition for the Portnoys. I went with heavy grain and window lighting to achieve that in the 1st image. I'm hoping the rest of the shoot will have similar heirloom quality in a few years!
Moms and dads are getting so smart. The ice cream treat from JP Licks was ready and waiting to be scooped for their good little model. He totally deserved it too.
Thanks gang for a wonderful shoot and for scouting out these beautiful locations!


Robyn said...

what a sweet little boy! such a cutie pie! You can tell right away that that kid is a sweetheart!

LOVE the whisper! very, very cute!

Tabitha and Larry said...

Hi Robyn! The whisper is my favorite too!!