Monday, July 18, 2011

Kyle and Jessica | Wed by the Sea
What do we love about this wedding? Well that list is long. Firstly Kyle and Jess and... the blue and yellow color palette, the song Kyle's mom and dad wrote for their son and new daughter, the little birds everywhere, the vintage pins in Jess' hair that were something borrowed from her bridesmaid, the sail boats, and the funtabulous guests. We also loved the band who's name we did not get so someone please share it in the comments... please! They were so good. Castle Hill in Newport RI was lovely.
Thank you Kyle and Jess for having us there to celebrate and photograph your beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! Tabitha and Larry you guys are incredible!!!!! I am speachless these pictures are amazing!!! Thank you so much for everything you guys are the best!!!
and the band name is "Now and the Forevers'
Kyle and Jessi

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous work!!! Love everything!

James Corey said...

These are amazing!

Jessi and Kyle you look awesome!!!

Love you both :-)

Jules said...

Jess the picture of you in the bathtub looks like a picture they put in front of the album to sell it!!! I love the pic of the two of you sitting in the chairs facing the water :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing and Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...
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Robyn said...

Tabitha, spelling aside...these are SO beautiful! ;) many gems in this bunch! Love her blue shoes!

Sherrell Photography said...

Thank you everyone for the comments! Yes my brain is mush these days and I appreciate the education. I'll put my other head on later tonight!

Cindy Gregory said...

I cried looking at these pictures! They are absolutely so beautiful! Love you both so much!