Monday, April 04, 2011

The talented Mister Nutter
We did a fashion Shoot together for Mister Nutter a fashion designer who has a serious appreciation for quality fashion pieces from the past. This shoots focus was on his wool hats and wool swimmies. A division that Mister Nutter will call Sea Lawn. Keep an eye out for his new summer 2011 line. We will be.
Thank you Garrett for being a patient and easy going model. Much appreciation to both you and Matt.


Dave said...

Hey guys! It's me! ;)

It's been quiet over here!

I love these. SUCH cool lighting! And the bike was a GREAT idea! and what a cool broken bridge! LOVELY!

I hope Mr Nutter is thrilled!

Sherrell Photography said...

Yes too quiet! At least my camera has been revived and the smell of Spring in the air is getting us through these last weeks of brrrrr....
Glad you liked the shoot!