Monday, January 03, 2011

Susan and Brian | Prenatal Session
I'm so excited that our first post of the year is of this prenatal session. Susan and Brian are starting 2011 with great anticipation as they wait for the arrival of their baby in just a few short weeks. I was so happy to be there to photograph their wedding day. And it was as much a blessing to be there to capture them in this season. If I chose a word that would convey the feeling in their home it is peace. What a nice way to ring in the New Year. Happy 2011!


Dave said...

Hey! I know Brian! I know Brian!

Hi Brian!

So exciting! and these shots are gorgeous! Love the first one.

Tabitha and Larry said...

Thank you Robyn! Of course you know Brian:) I am just thankful to know so many wonderful people that know one another. said...

I am a friend of Susan's and got the link to this blog to see the gorgeous photos you took of Brian and Susan. I know you also did their wedding and I just gotta GUSH over your work! It is absolutely gorgeous and I am an aspiring photographer and Want to be YOU when I grow up! Truth be known, I am probably old enough to be your mom, but YOU do a wonderful job!!!! Love this!