Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mark and Maggie | Wedding Day!
Their wedding was so lovely. Larry photographed their engagement session on Cape Cod and we went back together to photograph their wedding celebration at Ocean Edge. You could not ask for a better day! Maggie and Mark were dedicated to getting great shots. Larry and I took full advantage of their enthusiasm and I even ran into the ocean with my shoes on I was so excited about our shoot. I know it wouldn't have taken long to take them off, but that wouldn't make for a very good story now would it?!


Jenny Greenleaf said...

SO wonderful! Tabitha and Larry-- you've done it again! Maggie and Mark-- you guys look so happy and the photos totally capture it all!

Cindy Porter said...

Tabitha and Larry,

The photographs are amazing! Love the artistic ones of the wedding gown and family heirlooms.

You captured the pure joy and playfulness that Maggie and Mark exuded on their wedding day.

You are geniuses.

Thanks so much,

Cindy Porter

Unknown said...

Tabitha and Larry do it AGAIN!!!!!! The no-can-fail-wedding photographers extraordinaire!!!! These are so moving and emotional and perfectly evocative of the day and the event - cannot wait to see the rest!!