Saturday, May 31, 2008

Annelise's Prom
Last night was the Manchester Essex HS Prom. In tradition the beautifully dressed students met at Tuck's Point for photographs, and I went down to meet my cousin Annelise and her friends for some fun photo ops. Her dress was Laundry by Shelli Segal; her hair was styled by Angie at West End Salon, Gloucester; and her makeup was done by Jackie at Forever Young, Manchester, MA. They all did a fabulous job!
Annelise's friends are all such sweethearts.
Annelise, we love you and we are so happy you had a wonderful safe night! xo tabitha

Gazebo picture names from left, Eric Walder, Jordan Biggar, Elsa Keefe, Em Hammond, Hannah Dumont, Leo Daley, Annelise Eaton, Spencer Lange

Picnic table from left, Hannah Dumont, Beece, Eric Walder, Spencer Lange (sitting), Leo Daley, Jordan Biggar


Matt Grazier said...

Nice work! I wish I had a pro friend take my prom photos instead of my mom with the old 110 camera:)

Erica L. Pelaccia said...

What an amazing dress your cousin is wearing! I so wish I could do mine all over again... : ) The colors are all so vivid. Love, love, love the shot w/only the bottom of their dresses/pants.

Robo said...

Super job, Tab!!!!!
Annelise never looked so beautiful!
In looking over you website, I always knew you were talented, but never really realized the depth of you gift. Wishing you God's richest blessings on a very long and prosperous career.