Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On Sunday we ran the Wellspring House Father's Day 5k as a family. Eldon was very good for the ride. Larry and I did pretty well for our first race. What I mean by pretty well is, we didn't pass out, throw up or anything like that, and we actually finished without walking :) Alex my 16 year old cousin is an excellent long distance runner. He ran the Boston Marathon at 15. Pretty cool. He put together the team for the race and raised over $2000 (maybe even $3000) for the Wellspring House. Annelise's good friends Bethy ran the race barefoot so we had to throw that shot in there. Also pictured are my aunt Helen, Uncle Ted, cousin Annelise, Alex and his girlfriends Steph, and my mom with Eldon. I have to give props to grandma Junie who photographed all of the running shots as well as the group photo.


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Anonymous said...

So i have to know did you beat my little brother b/c in one of the shots you and Eldon are clearly in the lead.
Great job guys.